Since the COVID-19 outbreak, OCIMF has implemented several measures to mitigate its impact and protect the health and safety of all those involved in the inspection process.

Therefore, a Task Force was set up and developed additional strategies and methods in the short and mid-term to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the inspection programmes and its users, including Vessel Crew/Operators and Inspectors.

 The final version of Remote Inspections under the SIRE or OVID programmes, VIQ7 – Remote SIRE Rev.01, was released on 24th Aug 2020.

 In order KMK Marine Consultants to be ahead of the developments, proceeded to the development of a digitalized platform/tool for the Sire Inspections and Audits standardized assessment.

 Customers, willing to assess remotely their vessels compliance, may use our platform/tool prior to the performance of an actual physical or remote inspection or audit, and consequently being enabled to take any required corrective actions in a proactive manner, thus securing the best performance results.

 Needless to mention that the aforesaid services may also be provided by our Specialized Inspectors & Auditors and utilize our reports as “Third party” or “External” assessments.

 You are all welcomed to join and use our newly developed digital platform and assess your Fleets’ Compliance and performance.