Our goal is, to be found in compliance with the governing rules, regulations & requirements and zero findings to be identified.

Generally, an initial inspection consists of a visit on-board a ship, in order to check the certificates and documents of the vessel. Moreover, the inspection includes the check of the overall condition and hygiene of the ship. Including navigation bridge, accommodation and galley. Decks including forecastle, cargo holds / tanks, engine room and steering gear. In order to find out if they meet the generally accepted international rules and standards.

A more detailed inspection would be carried out in case there are evidence for believing during an inspection, that either the condition and the equipment of the ship, or her crew do not substantially meet the relevant requirements of a relevant instrument.

Our job is to support our clients. When any third-party inspection or audit approaches, we are able to board the vessel and verify the actual vessel’s overall condition and ensure compliance with the requirements. Additionally, our team of experts is specialized in examining and addressing the risk areas and proactively propose the required per case corrective actions, thus achieving the best possible end result.

Some of the most significant risk areas are: documentation, structural condition, water / weather-tight condition, emergency systems, radio communications, cargo operations, fire safety, alarms, living and working conditions, navigation equipment, lifesaving appliances, dangerous goods, propulsion and auxiliary machinery, pollution prevention and crew’s drills performance.

For each and every vessel’s survey / inspection or audit, our goal is, to be found in compliance with the governing rules, regulations & requirements and zero findings to be identified. However, in case the inspection report includes any deficiencies/observations/non-compliances, KMK Marine provides the Company with a recommended action plan that contains the required corrective actions to be taken in order to rectify the raised issues and restore vessel’s status. Moreover, KMK Marine provides the Company with the recommended preventive actions to be taken, in order to ensure future compliance and avoid recurrence.

Last but not least, KMK Marine may perform a full follow up of the rectification actions implementation on board and even respond to any interested party on Company’s behalf.