KMK desires to assist businesses, organizations and individuals to build effective and sustainable performance.

Business Psychology
To date, Marine Industry has been evolved rapidly and radically. The effectiveness and the success not only of Marine businesses and organizations but also of individuals are essential. The improvement of individuals and organizations performance could be achieved by applying Business and Organizational Psychology. It is about a science and practice for the amelioration of working life. This is accomplished by drawing insights from those with experience of what works at the working environment, in order to enable psychological research to be applied pragmatically in ways that are appropriate to a situation.

KMK desires to assist businesses, organizations and individuals to build effective and sustainable performance. For that reason, KMK will provide services as consultancy for organizational development, one to one coaching for individuals, team coaching and development for groups. Moreover, KMK will provide delivery of workshops regarding the leadership and management development. The above services will be provided regarding the special needs of every and each customer.

The management of any Organization or Company involves the accomplishment of objectives through the use of the skills and talents of people. In the maritime context, the term human element embraces anything that influences the interaction between a human and any other human or system or machine aboard ship. In this respect, training is one of the most important tools to face this overriding factor. As training, is defined the planned process to expand the sense of attitude, knowledge or behavioural skills through learning experience to achieve effectiveness in performing an activity or a range of activities.

Further to the above, KMK Marine through its training services, is developing abilities of any level of individuals, thus improving their capability, capacity, productivity and performance and satisfy the current and future manpower needs of its clients. Our team is capable of providing practical training, enhanced with real life added value. Each and every service can be fully tailor made, in order to meet the clients’ very specific needs.

KMK Marine will provide proper crew training in all required procedures and practices, which will ensure that crew onboard and ashore is familiar with.